IPPEI’s specialty

Specialty 1

The secret "golden dashi” passed down from generation to generation.

We are committed to making a delicious tasting dashi by fully utilizing the flavor of the ingredients. We use high quality dried bonito flakes, tuna flakes, kombu kelp, and of course no addictive are added. Our golden dashi is not just a typical Kansai-style dashi but also one with a more elegant taste. We hope you enjoy our dashi that we are so proud of.

Specialty 2

Daikon Radish

Daikon Radish is one of the most popular ingredients in our oden menu.
The chef cuts it, peels it, chamfers it, heats it, and lets it rest for a while…
It takes three whole days to prepare, but we spare no effort in making the delicious dish.

Specialty 3

Tsukune(fish ball)

Our chef carefully handmade each tsukune using fresh sardines purchased daily from the Toyosu market.
The tsukune is prepared separately from other oden ingredients and served in a separate bowl, so that you can enjoy the texture of the cartilage and the flavor of the ingredients. We hope you enjoy our exquisitely flavored homemade tsukune.

Specialty 4

Fresh Fish

Our buyers, who grew up in Tsukiji, worked at the Tsukiji market, and know the fish well, purchase fresh fish from the Toyosu market every day.
We hope you will enjoy our dishes made with seasonal ingredients selected by our expert buyers.